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You are an amateur Wizard attending the Magick College of Cacophony & Kinship in Chiralia (kai-rah-lee-uh), an inscrutable city of polyhedral buildings on a strange desert moon. A glittery cloud of motes spews from a vast abyssal gash in the ground called the Aperture, veiling the city in magick. Everything around you brims with potent sorcery, mysterious Entities, and the ghostly echoes of other worlds. To advance your studies, you and your wizardly classmates are expected to use your magick to help others while hopefully learning a thing or two about the cosmos and its hidden mysteries. Group projects will be worth 66% of your grade.

As a Wizard, you will find great power in hubris but will be greatly changed in return.

Major Magicka is a no-prep rules-lite roleplaying game for 3-5 players about students in weird wizard academia. Tonally it leans towards the absurd and surreal. It can be played with or without a GM.

All of the players create their wizard students based on a few simple prompts,

In addition to their Spell Style, each Wizard will be unique based on how many points they've allocated to each of their Actions, indicating how many dice they can roll for that Action.

Wizards only succeed in their action on a 6 but may accumulate Hubris to turn any roll into a mixed success. When they accumulate enough Hubris, strange and terrifying things can happen. They can also seek out the help of unknowable Entities to succeed.

Normal play consists of the fellowship of amateur Wizards taking on Group Projects determined by dice rolls. These projects will put them in danger, expand their horizons, and mostly likely change them and the world around them. There is also an option to play out a collegiate wizard battle royale in a mysterious labyrinth for the entertainment of the city.

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(The game used to be called Spelljammerz before I realized that "spelljammer" was already a property!)

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Forged in the Dark, Wizards
Average sessionA few hours


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love this idea! would it be possible to add a fillable version of the wizard sheet, though? all my ttrpg buddies are spread out online

I’d love to somehow but don’t have that skill set! There aren’t too many bits in the game so I usually just use google docs for online play.


I finally made a digital fillable sheet!